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Lucky Dogs Eat Steak


The winner of the Christmas steak dinner, a 35 dollar gift certificate for The Texas Roadhouse, is Molly, the Yorki Eskimo mix.

The winner of the 25 dollar meat raffle, a gift certificate for Bare Bonz is Dudley .


Lucky Dog Grooming,  is proud to offer  our customers a special Christmas raffle.  Get our best friend  groomed from now till Christmas and get an entrance in to our Christmas, steak dinner, raffle.  We will be raffling off a steak dinner to a local steak house and also a meat raffle to take home for the holidays.

Not Just An Ugly Dog Contest

The Lucky Dog Grooming Salon participated in the Lions Club charity event in September, and it was a great success. Several local businesses also participated with donations of time and gifts. The dog show was an exciting and joyful event for both the young and old as well as a fantastic socialization time for the dogs and owners. This was the first year the event was scheduled and we recommend everyone participate next year as it was an awesome time for every one.

Not Just an Ugly Dog Contest

Presented by the Milford Lions , Sunday, September 5, 2010, registration at 9:00 am
Keys Field ,Stage & Pavilion Area